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On My Own Reading

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Are you trying to teach your child, or someone of any age, to read? Have you become frustrated with the beginner books on the market that still have words that are hard to pronounce and contain confusing punctuation for new readers? Don’t you wish there was a reading system designed to teach as the reader progressed with words new readers could actually sound out on their own?

Well look no further!

On My Own Reading

(OMOR) is an innovative new system that allows the reader to build confidence exponentially when it comes to reading, and get back to the basics of actually holding a book in your hands and reading it. Many electronic learning toys and computer games are out there with the intention of teaching, but really doing most of it for the children. For example, reading games read the story to the child, or say the words clicked on, but do not teach them how to sound out the letters and put it together. Also, it’s much too easy for the child to quickly figure out that they don’t have to sound it out when they can click for the answer. On My Own Reading system teaches new readers to build on what they’ve learned, a multi-level reward system that urges them to keep moving and a certificate system that teaches them how to complete a project. All of this in one system! Learning – Colorful – Fun – Rewarding!!!

Product currently under development. Due to be released within the year. Please check back often for updates.